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How to choose high quality industrial aluminum profiles?
Jul 13, 2018

Suitable applications for industrial aluminum profiles: production lines, assembly line workbench, office partitions, screens, industrial fences and various frames, display stands, shelves, mechanical dust seals, etc. Including industry, electronics industry equipment workbench, industrial inspection system workbench, automotive industry equipment supporting facilities, automated assembly line logistics equipment, robot industry, technology research and development clean room, production workshop clean shed, etc...

So how should we choose the advantage of industrial aluminum profiles? The following small series will share some very useful little knowledge with you.

First of all: very cheap is not recommended, because the cost of aluminum profiles = spot price of aluminum ingots + processing costs of extruded aluminum profiles + packaging materials costs + shipping costs. These are very transparent, the cost of aluminum profiles are similar, if it is significantly lower than the market price, it is likely to appear. First: aluminum ingots use recycled materials, reducing the cost of raw materials; second: insufficient weight per meter, The wall thickness is not up to standard; third, the thickness of the surface oxide film is not up to standard.

Secondly: suppliers who only know how to sell materials do not choose, prepare goods, and recruit a few wiring ladies. Online promotion can be opened. These are often hurt by our buyers. Most of the wiring ladies do not know how to use, only know the unit price. How to use can meet the needs of customers; how to design a project can achieve the most cost-effective; the best way to assemble and connect in different venues, these need a professional design team to complete. Some connection methods are low in cost, but the manual is lacking, and some connection methods with poor strength are not applicable to any project, and the convenience of aluminum profiles will not be reflected at all, which will bring a relatively large transformation. trouble

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