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PVC profile density
Jul 13, 2018

PVC profile density:

1. The relative density of pvc profiles is 1.35-1.46, the refractive index is 1.544 (20 °C), insoluble in water, gasoline, alcohol and vinyl chloride, but soluble in organic solvents such as acetone and xylene; therefore, pvc profiles cannot be applied to parts. Factory and laboratory. Moreover, the density of pvc profiles is greater than that of water, and many floats cannot use pvc profiles.

2, pvc profile density is basically stable, slightly larger than water, but due to the different molding temperatures and additives of pvc profiles, the density of pvc profiles also differs, it is difficult to determine, generally 1380 kg per cubic meter, the density is slightly More than water, a certain concentration of brine can be used to check whether the pvc profile is excellent. However, the molding temperature and additive of different pvc materials lead to different manufacturers of the same building materials, and the density of different batches of pvc building materials is not the same, so the specific density should be determined according to the actual material.

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