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Let's Take A Look At PVC Profiles
Jul 13, 2018

PVC profile is a general term for industrial and domestic PVC products that have been extruded at high temperature after adding various functional additives using PVC resin. Generally speaking, according to the performance of PVC profiles, they can be divided into hard and soft. Hard PVC profiles are mostly used in construction, such as PVC doors and windows, PVC flooring, PVC pipes and other products. Soft PVC profiles are often used to make soft products such as PVC hoses and transmission cables. Because PVC profiles add some functional additives before molding, they have good aging resistance, UV resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, etc., and because the price of PVC profiles is much cheaper than aluminum profiles and steels, At present, it is widely used, and it can replace some aluminum profiles and steels in some aspects, and has a good market prospect.

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