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Discoloration And Whitening Treatment Scheme For Pvc Profile Processing
Jul 13, 2018

In the processing of pvc profile and its application, thermal photooxidation reaction will occur. The polymer macromolecule will be oxidized by trace moisture, acid, alkali and other impurities and air in the action of heat and pressure. Molecular structure changes. This chemical change is called degradation, and its performance is intuitive in that the surface is yellowed, the gloss gradually disappears, and even the gray is changed. The discoloration of the profile causes the customer to have doubts about the performance of the PVC material, and the consequences are serious.

When solving the chromatic aberration, the single method is not ideal for dealing with the problem. For example, from the following four aspects, the solution is faster:

(1) lowering the processing temperature and whitening without lowering the processing temperature;

(2) The effect of simply adding a single lead salt in the composite stabilizer is not better than increasing the composite stabilizer;

(3) It is better to use some stabilizers instead of stabilizers, and to use whitening masterbatch or high whiteness filler to increase the effect of titanium dioxide.

(4) Simply add titanium dioxide and then moderately increase the effect of some internal lubricants. It is generally believed that low molecular substances have a plasticizing effect on polymers. One of the mechanisms is that the interaction between macromolecules and small molecules replaces the interaction between macromolecules, so that the movement of macromolecular segments is much easier.

The above measures will prevent the decomposition of PVC from different degrees and reduce the inconsistency of color in the processing of pvc profile. Xiaobian believes that the effective way is to optimize the design from the stable system and fundamentally inhibit the conjugated and rare color structure of PVC.

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