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The Rise And Development Of Pvc Plastic Profiles
Jul 13, 2018

Plastic windows have been in use for decades, but the plastics used to make plastic profiles are almost all rigid PVC, and the profiles are almost entirely white.

With the maturity of window profile PVC plastic profiles, consumers are no longer satisfied with simple white profiles, especially PVC itself has low temperature resistance, except for the addition of titanium dioxide to shield a large amount of ultraviolet white, any other color profile It is prone to fading and discoloration. People have been developing new plastic profiles. Although many engineering plastics can be used to produce profiles, the price is difficult to compete.

The pvc plastic profile is modified, and the polypropylene can also meet the requirements of the window profile. The polypropylene raw material used for the profile material is a novel high-branched block copolymer, which is usually formulated with a stabilizer, a colorant, a reinforcing agent and the like. They not only meet the performance requirements, but also the profile extrusion process. The base resin for window profiles is a new generation of polypropylene products such as high rigidity, high melt strength, and ethylene block copolymers. These products have high impact strength, rigidity and heat resistance and are modified by using some additives. It can be made to have higher chemical resistance and stress crack resistance.

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