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What Are The Molding Processes For Plastic Profiles?
Jul 13, 2018

Science and technology are constantly innovating, making continuous progress, and people's living standards are slowly improving. For the use of many things, more and more attention is paid to quality, cost performance, and value. Plastic profile products are one of the most common items in production, almost everywhere. Many industries need to use plastic profile products accessories, which can improve the performance, appearance, etc. of the objects produced, so as to improve production efficiency, then We know how the plastic profile is produced.

Plastic profiles are manufactured by an extrusion process, also known as extrusion. It is a plastic molding process and one of the important methods of plastic molding.

Extrusion is to heat the plastic raw material to make it a viscous flow state. Under the action of pressure, it is formed into a continuous body with a section similar to the shape of the die by extrusion molding, and then cooled and shaped into a glass state, which is obtained by cutting. Plastic products with a certain geometry and size.

For example, extrusion molding is carried out by heating and pressurizing a material in an extruder to make it melt flow, and then continuously extruding it from a die. This method can be used to produce tubes, tubes, rods, membranes, sheets, profiles, wires, and the like.

 In addition to extrusion, common plastic molding processes include injection molding, molding, blow molding, rotational molding, casting, and plastic coating. Different plastic molding processes can be selected according to different materials and products.

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